Paranormal areas

Joslan F. Keller

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The ghosts of Hollywood, the death of Edgar Allan Poe, the affectionate Martian, the Zone of Silence, bewitched diamonds… Joslan F. Keller tells us 18 disturbing stories that defy reason. 18 paranormal areas around the world, all authentic and documented by the author, which shake our certainties: unexplained phenomena in the sky, incursion into the spirit world, encounters with unusual characters, close contact with UFOs, visits disturbing places… Isn't the improbable born of our still limited knowledge and our inability to rationally explain phenomena that go beyond our understanding? The world is neither white nor black. Are there not an infinity of gray zones, at the frontiers of the unknown, dominated by forces whose mechanisms are little or not explored?
The author

Joslan F. Keller, born in 1966, is immersed in day and night communication, the fantastic. Historian of the strange, passionate about unexplained affairs, he is a regular speaker on the C8 channel (“Paranormal Investigations”) and hosts “Les dossiers unexplainés”, a monthly program on

256 pages | ISBN: 9782315009770