Stage 4

The game of my life

Jean-Paul Bertrand-Demanes

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Jean-Paul Bertrand-Demanes has had an exceptional career. Captain of the legendary Nantes team, four-time champion in the 1970s and 1980s, goalkeeper for the France team, in particular during the World Cup in Argentina in 1978, the man who was nicknamed "the Great" met legendary personalities, including Bob Marley, David Gilmour, Maradona, Carlos Monzón, Jean-Luc Lagardère… and Henri Michel, who was one of his closest friends.
But the match of his life, he plays it thirty years later. A few years after the death of his son, struck down by a ruptured aneurysm, Jean-Paul Bertrand-Demanes develops stage 4 cancer, the most serious. His vital diagnosis? Engaged. His chances of survival? Very, very thin. However, "M. Stade 4" will win this fight and, four years after the terrible news, finish with honors the formidable Ironman triathlon in Nice.
Through his testimony, which is teeming with anecdotes about his life as an athlete and his experience as a patient, the author wishes to address all those who doubt in general and cancer patients in particular, so that they can draw on this delivers the necessary strength and comfort. A fan of collective play, aware of his luck, Jean-Paul Bertrand-Demanes shares with ardor and humility a journey of effort and resilience that many can make their own.
The author

Jean-Paul Bertrand-Demanes will pay his royalties in full to the Nantes cancer centre.

340 pages | ISBN: 9782315010233