Prostitution as a team sport

Bernard Rouverand

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At each sporting event, prostitutes gather by the thousands around the stadiums. Whether it's Germany in 2008, South Africa in 2010, the London Olympics or the Euro in Ukraine in 2012, they are transported from one site to another, from hotels are made available to them, and supporters do not go there just for the love of the sport. International trafficking, states that let customers pay freely, becoming accomplices of the system, migration policies that promote the phenomenon by throwing candidates for Eldorado into the arms of unscrupulous smugglers, when they are not families who sell their children: the networks reign supreme, often with the tacit and paying agreement of various authorities. Through the prism of sport, Bernard Rouverand opens a more general debate. From organized networks to occasional prostitution, it compares the points of view of clients, prostitution abolitionists and regulationists, and asks the essential question: should the client be penalized to stop the traffic?
The author

For eight years, Bernard Rouverand has been in regular contact with a dozen associations working in the field of prostitution. He held numerous information and awareness conferences, worked in the field and took part in lobbying actions with the organizations concerned.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315003525