Kidnapped in Qatar

Stéphane Morello

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Kafala is the law to which any outsider who comes to live in Qatar is subject: it protects the person who allows you to settle there, generally the employer. Being responsible for any debts that you may have contracted during your stay, he is vested with the power to prohibit you from leaving the territory. And for that, there is no need for justification. There would be more than 3,700 French people in Qatar, attracted by the financial Eldorado that the Arab Emirates represent. Stéphane Morello, football coach, is one of them. Left to try his luck in 2007, he became an employee of the Olympic Committee in Doha and enjoyed some success in local clubs. But his contract is not renewed, the months due are not paid to him and he finds himself unable to renew his papers without which he can neither leave the territory nor find accommodation. It was the beginning of an administrative and human nightmare that would last 5 years: blackmail, manoeuvres, pressure from local institutions, complicity from the French Embassy... There were then 4 nationals to suffer from this situation. Qatar is becoming the focus of the international press, but geopolitical interests will prevail over laws.
The author

Stéphane Morello is now a school teacher.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782315006335