Mondial - Football club geopolitics - Volume 2

22 Unusual stories about the FIFA World Cup

Kévin Veyssiere

21,90 €

Released September 27, 2022

Preface by Romain Molina.

By what means did Mussolini manage to exploit the 1934 World Cup for the benefit of his fascist regime? How did North Korea, thanks to its surprising team, reveal itself to the eyes of the world in 1966? Why did the meeting between Kuwait and France in 1982 give rise to the first diplomatic arbitration? What was behind the scenes of the 1998 "peace match" between the United States and Iran? How and why did Qatar obtain the organization of the 2022 World Cup?
In this second volume, Kévin Veyssière tells 22 new stories where the round ball, in the particular context of the World Cups, found itself at the heart of international political issues, starting from the beginnings, in 1900, until the edition Qatar in 2022. The author explains how for one hundred and twenty years, the greatest sporting competition has always been a tool conducive to games of influence and power.

The author

Kévin Veyssière, 30, expert and professor in the geopolitics of sport, created Football Club Geopolitics, a Twitter account followed by more than 55,000 people. He is the author of Football Club Geopolitics: 22 unusual stories to understand the world (Max Milo, 2021).

304 pages | ISBN: 9782315010356