Voting useful is useless: a little manual of wisdom for a world in crisis

Marc Dugois

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What if economic growth actually makes us poorer? What if school was more interested in the knowledge that overwhelms us than in discernment? What if our political, economic and media elites had only a short-term vision of the future, with flattery as the only driving force? Here is a book that analyzes, shakes up and disturbs with clarity the foundations of our habits, a book that shows how the economy, politics and education are both linked and very sick, a book that explains that we are going straight into the wall, sleeping soundly, lulled by our politicians, under the bewildered eyes of the administration and the media. Finally a book that leads to real optimism, with food for thought for those who still want to act. After 1789, why not 2007?
The author

Marc Dugois, HEC by training, became a lawyer specializing in the recovery of companies in difficulty after a few years in the firm of Jean Louis Borloo. Marc Dugois retired from the bar on December 31, 2004 to become a consultant.

240 pages | ISBN: 9782914388955