A woman under the influence

Sarah Bernard

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“All I wanted was to start a harmonious family – the one I hadn't had and had always dreamed of – and I found myself in a disunited home. My husband's silences were torture, only his anger revived me. Engaged in an infernal spiral, I endured contempt, confinement, insults, beatings, torture… Why did I stay? From the outside, the situation is incomprehensible, but as incoherent as it may seem, I was unable to leave my executioner... The mere idea of ​​losing him caused anguish in me. I clung desperately to our couple and to Esther, the child we had had together. It took me several years before I resolved to flee the marital home with my daughter and thus regain our freedom. A Woman Under the Influence is a mature and thoughtful account of the mechanics of narcissistic perversity. With great sincerity, Sarah Bernard recounts the steps that enabled her to overcome her fears and the path that many women are finally taking today to stop being silent.
The author

Sarah Bernard, 39, currently works in a bank.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315009503