A village under influence

Or the school of delinquency of our elected officials

Nicolas Tavernier

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“What kills me is Woerth! All these people, now, they disgust me. We are talking about sub-prefects, prefects! What are we in there? A little teacher, that's all. What do we want to tackle? Straight to the state. “I never imagined that one day I would hear such words of capitulation from the mouth of “my” mayor. Nearly ten years of unfailing complicity in our work as local elected officials to get here… Nicolas Tavernier, deputy mayor of a small French village, has just resigned. This book relates the dysfunctions of our local democracy. We discover how inconsistent budgets are adopted, how an empty shell is financed with hundreds of thousands of euros, how lobbies bring the "great local elected officials" to heel, on both the right and the left... The mayor and his team , like many lists of citizens who are forming across France, wanted their action apolitical, banishing conflicts of interest and acting in the general interest. The observation is bitter today. Local democracy is the school of delinquency for deputies and ministers. As long as our local elected officials act with impunity, our democracy will remain moribund.
The author

Nicolas Tavernier is a press photographer, community councilor and deputy mayor (resigned) of the small town of Avilly-Saint-Léonard, in the Oise. As such, he rubbed shoulders with our local and national politicians for many years.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782315007332