One day on the road I killed a man

Bertrand Parent

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One Saturday evening, at the age of 20, Bertrand Parent overtook a car. It is raining. A car appears opposite, the young man brakes, but his car skids. It is the collision, head-on, fatal. Tried and sentenced for manslaughter, the author will live for twenty-six years with a dead man on his conscience, without ever talking about this tragedy which turned his life upside down. How to get out of silence and guilt? And who exactly was the victim? What happened to his girlfriend, who had survived the accident? And the family of the deceased, how did they manage after the tragedy? Bertrand Parent investigates his own past, interviews victims of road violence, as well as those who fight against excessive driving. He decided to honestly, courageously face his personal shame. He hopes this book will make his children cautious. A powerful testimony, an intimate journalistic investigation and a plea for road safety. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the League Against Road Violence.
The author

Bertrand Parent was a journalist at Le Parisien for more than twenty years.

160 pages | ISBN: 9782315003136