A Frenchman in Chinafrica

Vincent Robin Gazsity

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“When I get off the plane, I blend in, squint and cling to my wife. A little man with a bulky bunch of keys greets us several times with a smile, ticks off our names and approaches me: – You're not Chinese! - Nope. – You must be our foreign friend… – Yes. - Welcome, welcome, welcome! I refrain from pointing out to him that we are now as strangers as each other. In this lively and powerful story, Vincent Robin-Gazsity offers us an unprecedented immersion in the Chinese steamroller in Africa. His sense of observation, his deceptively candid pen and his tongue-in-cheek humor make the author an outstanding columnist offering, through his experience alone, a report of the first importance on one of the most spectacular.
The author

A great traveler and passionate about Asia, Vincent Robin-Gazsity lived for several years in China and traveled the Silk Roads on foot before embarking on the discovery of Chinafrica in Gabon and the Republic of Congo. Author of a thesis on Sino-Gabonese relations completed in Bombay, he currently directs the Alliance française de Manila in the Philippines.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782315009992