Half a century on the brink of the atomic abyss

Jean-François Bouchard

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Since the 1950s, more than twenty global crises have nearly devolved into atomic wars. The book tells the story of these confrontations which, by some miracle, never resulted in the use of these fearsome weapons. Half a Century on the Brink of the Atomic Abyss is based on the documents of the CIA, the White House and American diplomacy published by the NSA: an incomparable source for a thrilling narrative. It allows us to understand the stakes and the adventures of the quasi-nuclear war which has secretly set the world ablaze several times, and the danger of which has not been ruled out today in North Korea or elsewhere.
The author

Jean-François Bouchard is a senior civil servant and writer. At Max Milo, he is the author of The Devil's Banker, biography of Hjalmar Schacht, the brilliant financier to whom Adolf Hitler owed his power.

368 pages | ISBN: 9782315008285