You will kill once in a while

Bernard Chambon

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“I observed three types of failure. The president victim of his ego - he knows everything better than anyone -, the president victim of paranoia who does not trust anyone - "I'll take care of it", he says on all occasions -, and the president victim of naivety , which relies on people already in place. The big bosses are the new gods of our era: at a time when democracy is touted everywhere as the dominant model, the company remains a model of autocracy where arbitrariness reigns. How, when one is appointed CEO, to be respected, feared and maintain his employees in voluntary servitude? By being competent and rational? No, it is more effective to use the least avowable, the most unexpected and even the most absurd procedures in appearance. The author worked closely with several big bosses. From this experience were born ten explosive commandments, served by a style of healthy irony that pays homage to Machiavelli's Prince. Will business school professors dare to teach these precepts?
The author

Bernard Chambon, former HRD of a large French group, has held various management positions in companies.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782914388627