Sadness Business

The DSM-5 Scandal

Patrick Landman, Audrey Keysers, Simon Critchley

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Have you lost a loved one? Your sadness becomes depression. Is your child a little too lively? He could be a danger to society. Do you have a fondness for cakes? You suffer from a psychiatric disorder. The new single thought in terms of mental health, enacted by the publication of an international guide, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is authoritative and obscures therapeutic listening in favor of the drug response: its latest version, the DSM -5, lists more than 350 diseases. Patrick Landman denounces the excesses of such a stranglehold: the field of normality is shrinking and we all become potential users of psychotropic substances, even madmen.
The author

Psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, in particular in a center welcoming children and adolescents, Patrick Landman was president of the Espace Analytic association. He is among others the author of The limits of the body, the body as limit (Erès, 2006).

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315003891