Manipulation treaty to seduce a millionaire

the guide to beavers

Jean-Barthélémy Bokassa, Olivier Keravel

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“A caustic essay”, Le Point Just like you, they dreamed of dressing in Dior, Chanel or Prada, of dining at the Maison du Caviar and of swapping their Renault for a Jaguar. Today, they lead an armada of servants, travel by private jet and live in palaces. Who are they? The authors managed to introduce the closed world of beavers: beings who knew how to seduce a wealthy target to rise in high society. Jean-Barthélémy Bokassa and Olivier Keravel collected their unpublished testimonies and drew up some surprising portraits. With humour, they describe point by point the specific paths of the most inventive beavers, their tricks and above all their hitherto well-kept secrets. Just like them, starting from scratch, access the jackpot without luck, luxury without sweat, fortune without hard work! Do like Margaret Thatcher, Nadine de Rothschild or Heather Mills, change your life by betting on the right meeting...
The author

Jean-Barthélémy Bokassa, first grandson of Emperor Bokassa I, takes an oblique look at high society, which he has frequented since childhood. With Olivier Keravel, a former student of Sciences Po, who regularly appears on Agora Vox, wrote a first essay Les diamants de latréson, Pharos 2006.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782353410163