The Russian art of war

how the west led ukraine to defeat

Jacques Baud

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Why is Ukraine losing the war against Russia? How do both sides think and operate? What were the mistakes on both sides? How did the West contribute to the Ukrainian defeat?

To answer these questions and many others, Jacques Baud draws on official information as well as American, Western and Russian documents. He explains how Russia understands and conducts the war. He shows how the West’s inability to grasp this reality and its determination to weaken Russia has backfired in Ukraine. Following on from the bestsellers Putin: Game Master?, Operation Z and Ukraine Between War and Peace, whose analytical work has been acclaimed worldwide and translated into several languages, the author returns to the war in Ukraine. He explains how Russia waged the war, and reveals how the image portrayed by the West led to Ukraine’s defeat.

The author

Jacques Baud was a member of Swiss strategic intelligence, a specialist in Eastern Europe and former head of doctrine for UN peacekeeping operations. During the Cold War, he worked on Soviet military art and the war in Afghanistan. Within NATO, he was involved in programs in Ukraine, notably after the 2014 Maïdan revolution. In addition to his major works on the conflict in Ukraine, he is the author of several books on intelligence, war and terrorism, including <i>Governing by Fake News</i>, <i>Defeating Jihadist Terrorism</i> and <i>The Navalny Case</i>, all published by Max Milo.

344 pages | ISBN: 9782315013067