shut up and double

Highway code philosophy

Gilles Vervisch

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Why are there always traffic jams on my way? And why am I the only one who knows how to drive? On the road, we can let go of all our tendencies: selfishness, the feeling of power, hatred of others, diplomacy or anger. Driving a car is indicative of our existence in general. And a philosophy of the Highway Code, a good way to do philosophy in general: freedom, the State, morality, are abstract notions that become very concrete at the corner of a roundabout or at the bend of a road. 'a red light. Here is the only book that will make you laugh even when you have lost all your points.
The author

Born in 1974 in Rouen, Gilles Vervisch is an associate professor of philosophy and a high school teacher. He is the author of How Could I Believe in Santa Claus (2009) and From Head to Toe. Football Philosophy (2010).

196 pages | ISBN: 9782315002870