Your sensitivity will kill you

Marie France de Palacio

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“In general, you have been “sick” for years, without knowing it. To tell the truth, those around you have always found you difficult, special, touchy, angry, excessive. But since, almost simultaneously, you appear to him to be tender, sincere, generous, capable of empathy, and even ready for any sacrifice to help those you love, you are considered endearing..." From "your sensitivity will kill you! » to « your sensitivity will save you »: this could be summed up the journey to which Marie-France de Palacio invites us. A university professor, she was forced to cease all activity following a diagnosis of bipolar disease. She then begins a journey that leads her to reconsider past sufferings and trials. Mood disorders are better explained, calm down. Simultaneously, the joys, often buried, engendered by this same hypersensitivity resurface. This testimony, both fascinating and moving, thus outlines an itinerary, from the terrible announcement of the diagnosis to self-realization. Your sensitivity will kill you leads us to the ineffable joy of being “self”, according to finally tamed moods.
The author

Professor of general and comparative literature and lecturer at the University of Western Brittany in Brest, Marie-France de Palacio is the author of numerous books and university articles.

240 pages | ISBN: 9782315007134