survive the worst

Patricia Oddo

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Patricia overcame the insurmountable. After the death of her children, her life force allowed her to rebuild herself and be a mother again. “On the night of September 5, 1990, my two children, Lucie and Sylvain, were murdered by their own father. Faced with such a tragedy, I could have killed myself, but I chose life. Like many mothers, I believed that I could never live without them. And yet… Today, I am no longer ashamed to be alive. Surviving hell is possible” “There is not a word in the dictionary accurate enough to define the nothingness in which I and my family have found ourselves. To fill this gap, I decided to write my story. How can you survive the death of your children? My testimony will help you, I hope dear reader, to understand the pain of the victims and perhaps one day to overcome it…”
The author

Patricia is now the mother of two children and works in a family business near Chartres.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782315009633