If life is a gift

Jean-Baptiste Destremau, Grégoire Lacroix, Luis de Miranda, Isabelle Guilloteau, Yvan Gradis, Estelle Gille, Laurent Schang, Mathieu Diebler, Paul-Henri Sauvage, Olivier Talon, Bruno Deniel-Laurent, Anne-Ségolène Estay, Mathilde Tixier

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A young woman can only make love when someone reads to her Hegel's Philosophy of the Spirit, while another gradually transfers all her affection to her shrimp farming... A photographer engages in a complete mapping of bodies... A family takes a stranger on a visit to a great uncle who lives in a strangely empty house... A lost soul refuses to dine in front of a man she has just met – why she suddenly began to sing the childish air of If life is a gift?...
The author

Here is the astonishing and rich fruit of the first short story competition organized by Max Milo. Having survived a subjective selection, among dozens of texts received, twelve very lively authors dare to say what is sometimes hidden: Bruno Deniel-Laurent, Mathieu Diebler, Anne-Ségolène Estay, Estelle Gille, Yvan Gradis, Isabelle Guilloteau, Grégoire Lacroix, Luis de Miranda, Paul-Henri Sauvage, Laurent Schang, Olivier Talon, Mathilde Tixier.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315001378