Shot in power

Jean-Baptiste Desaize

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Have you ever wanted to enter the mind of one of your chosen ones? Understand his secret feelings, know how personal interest and the vertigo of the ego end up prevailing over the public thing? Close to those who have governed us for thirty years, the author reveals, in these pages, the dark side of the political world, its lowest motivations and its least avowable collusion. Barely magnifying the facts of which he was able to be an attentive spectator, the author has chosen to exorcise the demon that threatens every politician, by giving him a name: François Rivière, hero of this novel. “François Rivière is all that politics must not generate, it is all that it can still give birth to: cold and cynical monsters, evolving according to their triumphs, their delusions, their failures and their disillusions . Let's make fun of his grotesque posturing, listen to him, understand him and let's all try not to end up like him: power-hungry. »
The author

The author, son of a parliamentarian, currently consultant to a political party, was a member of several ministerial cabinets, led electoral campaigns, participated in several general staffs for legislative and presidential elections.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782914388696