Sex machines

50 scientific discoveries that are changing our received ideas about sexuality

Charles Muller, Peggy Sastre

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Is there a desire gene? Can we reproduce a lightning strike in the laboratory? Why do stars multiply partners? Can we manipulate the genes of homosexuality? Why does sex size matter anyway? What is the role of the face in sexual success? Is frigidity hereditary? Can you estimate the fidelity of your partner by observing his brain? Will implants stimulate our orgasms? In 50 informative and entertaining articles, get up to date with the latest scientific discoveries on the backstage of love. Supported by facts and figures, they sweep away a number of preconceived ideas and taboos. And if, finally, it was really sex that ruled the world?
The author

Charles Muller is an author and science journalist. Editorial director of Dossier BioSciences and La santé après 50 ans, he leads the HyperDarwin project. Peggy Sastre, doctoral student in philosophy of science, collaborates with the magazine Chronic'Art.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782353410064