An investigation of 40 cases hampered by reason of state

Pascal Jouary

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What is the secrecy-defense? Who decrees this level of clearance? Why ? Why do we accept it? How far can he stand in the way of justice? Is he all-powerful? In this hard-hitting essay, Pascal Jouary retraces around forty important cases which have been covered up by reason of state. It shows how this noble motivation has been diverted to become the supreme pretext that prevents the resolution of police enigmas sewn with white thread. Assassinated minister, drowned journalist, suicide whistleblower, defenestrated informant, many are those who have paid with their lives for their commitment to the truth. To the audacious who have become victims, are added the innocent deaths of the crash of a commercial plane, the sinking of a fishing boat or a building destroyed without anyone being able to explain it... So many tragedies that have caused many unfair deaths and the anger of loved ones, and which come up against secrecy-defence. To understand this state unreason, Pascal Jouary, archivist and independent journalist, investigated with unusual vigor for several years; he interviewed families of victims, lawyers upset by this legal exception, specialist but powerless deputies who prefer to trust the state, convinced spies and generals straight in their boots. He thus reveals the cold and implacable x-ray of secrecy-defense. An edifying book to put in all consciences... or in all hands.

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315010028