Rwanda: In Praise of Blood

Judi Rever

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“It is the unflinching account of one of the most ruthless and cynically exploited human catastrophes of the 20th century. Linden MacIntyre, award-winning investigative journalist, CBC Television. “Investigation into how Washington participated in rendering opaque the true story of the Rwandan genocide. Helen Epstein, The New York Review of Books This mind-blowing investigative book was written by a journalist at the risk of her life. It is based on hundreds of interviews – deserters from the Rwandan army in power, former soldiers, survivors of atrocities, UN investigators – and on documents from the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda which are reproduced in the annex to the book. Judi Rever sheds a deeply disturbing light on the Rwandan genocide, which highlights the importance of the role of the current head of state, Paul Kagame. Rwanda, Praise of Blood was voted book of the year by the Globe and Mail in Canada, won the Mavis-Gallant Prize, Huguenot Society of Canada and was a finalist for the prestigious Hilary Weston Prize.
The author

JUDI REVER, freelance journalist, began her career at RFI and AFP in Africa and the Middle East. She was recently appointed as an expert on Rwanda within the framework of the “Rights in exile” program which promotes the legal protection of refugees.

480 pages | ISBN: 9782315009572