Roland Barthes and contemporary art

Magali Nachtergael

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From Mythologies to “living together”, the thought of Roland Barthes has lost none of its topicality. But the man who popularized semiology in France could well have upset the artistic landscape of the 20th century and, beyond that, modified our relationship to forms and to the world. through the posterity of his work in contemporary art, we discover in this book a Barthes artist, critic, theoretician, political, romantic, subversive, and always at the forefront of the contemporary.
The author

Magali Nachtergael, art critic and associate professor of modern literature, is a lecturer in French literature of the 20th and 21st centuries at the University of Paris 13. She previously taught the history of contemporary art at the University of Bordeaux. Montaigne. A specialist in the relationship between literature and the arts, she has published numerous articles devoted to the relationship between text and image (photography, contemporary art, media) and Roland Barthes. She recently published Individual Mythologies. Self-narrative and photography in the 20th century (Rodopi, 2012), Art history of a new genre (with Anne Larue, Max Milo, 2014) and a collective work, Contemporary dance and literature (with Lucille Toth, Center national of dance, 2015). As part of the research program “Les Contemporains. Literature, visual arts, theory", she co-directs with the philosopher Céline Flécheux a collection of writings by artists unpublished by Manucius editions (texts by Art & Language, Benoit Maire, Falke Pisano, Agnès Geoffray, Marcelline Delbecq, Jérôme Game, Louise Hervé, Chloé Maillet, etc.). In 2015, she curated the Lumières exhibitions by Roland Barthes (2015, Frac Aquitaine, Bordeaux and image/imatge, Orthez) as part of the national celebrations of the Roland Barthes centenary.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315006243