What is chance?

Psychology, science, arts, philosophy, society: how chance guides men

Denis Lejeune

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Do you believe in chance? Is it the manifestation of destiny or proof that the Earth is wrong? For more than a century, physicists, philosophers, thinkers, artists, biologists, statisticians and psychologists have been gradually lifting the veil on the mystery of chance. This book, written with humor and erudition, is the novel of these sometimes surprising discoveries on randomness and its false friends, chaos and necessity. But the author does not stop there: he unmasks one by one the clues that show that our society is at war against chance. Are we pursuing, in terms of ecology, economy, architecture, education, a dream of absolute order which risks producing more disastrous effects than the natural course of things? Warning against this tendency, the author concludes with a few ways to give color to everyday situations and get out of the consumerist monotony of our lives, perhaps too wise.
The author

Born in Paris, raised between Africa, Europe and the West Indies and currently living in China, Denis Lejeune has a doctorate in comparative literature. He devoted his thesis to Chance and taught at the University of Reading, England.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782353410217