A few grams of philosophy in a world of advertising

Gilles Vervisch

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"It's the game, my poor Lucette!" » (What is happiness?) « Beef, the taste of being together. (What is religion?) "Because you are worth it." (Who am I?) The "creatives" of ads seem to teach us to live through the great "concepts" of philosophy, such as happiness, freedom, nature, self or religion. But how many grams of philosophy in this world of advertising? This is the question posed by this essay, without forgetting to put a dose of humor in its ingredients.
The author

Born in 1974 in Rouen, Gilles Vervisch is an associate professor of philosophy, high school teacher and radio host. He is the author of How Could I Believe in Santa Claus? (2009), From Head to Toe (2010), and Shut Up and Double! (2011).

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315003600