Putin: master of the game?

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Has Vladimir Putin become the master of the game? Why and how did the Russian President decide to attack Ukraine? Did he seek to prevent Ukraine from associating with Europe? Does he seek to reconstitute the USSR? Did NATO promise not to expand east after 1990?
Based on the files of the intelligence services and official reports, Jacques Baud thus reviews the events of the recent history of Russia, which led to the war with Ukraine; it analyzes the various disputes between the West and Russia, and sheds light on the role that Putin plays today on the international scene.
The book is presented in the form of questions related to current events, which facilitate access to a balanced explanation of events and throws on them a light that is sometimes very different from that propagated by the media.
The author

Jacques Baud is a former member of Swiss strategic intelligence, a specialist in Eastern European countries and head of United Nations peace operations doctrine. He was engaged in negotiations with top Russian military and intelligence officials right after the fall of the USSR. Within NATO, he participated in programs in Ukraine and in particular during the Maidan revolution in 2014.

304 pages | ISBN: 9782315010264