Why are the rich a problem?

20 misconceptions about inequality

Philip Richard

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Released on March 09, 2022

By working hard, everyone can become rich; The rich consume and invest; The rich create jobs; The more rich there are, the fewer there are poor; The rich pay a lot of taxes...

Philippe Richard, doctor in economics, thus analyzes some twenty preconceived ideas about the most fortunate and social inequalities. By dissecting the economic data, the author provides factual elements on the liberal doxa. The reality is that the wealthiest consume little, they invest little in France and create no jobs, even though their fortune is progressing like never before.
Beyond this observation, the author asks crucial questions for the future of our society: Is it a good thing that a minority sees its fortune explode while poverty and precariousness grow? Do the rich represent an opportunity for our country or, on the contrary, a threat to the balance of our democracy? Can our society survive with such inequalities?

The author

The author has been a consultant to employee representatives at Syndex for 20 years. He has been reflecting on the limits of the right to individual property for several years.

112 pages | ISBN: 9782315010141