Can we enjoy capitalism?

Lacan with Heidegger and Marx

Luis de Miranda

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“Here is a lively, intelligent, by no means blessed-yes-yes book. With Lacan, he demonstrates that capitalism is a machine for massive enjoyment. What is obtained is not for all that complete enjoyment, but only licks. Enjoyment will always remain the barrel of the Danaides. Everywhere the quality of life takes the form of a quantity of desires. The new world oscillates between two sides of the same play: on the court side, obscene passages to the act; behind the scenes, a culpable puritanism. Can we behave other than like broken enjoyment machines, whose alternating current oscillates between greed and retention, waste and debt? Many wonder why, once the imaginary or symbolic conditions of enjoyment have been met, an empty or perverted reality sets in. It is because the very mechanics of the capitalist libidinal economy rests on the constantly repelled anguish of a misguided desire. In a world globally structured by surplus value, enjoyment takes the international form of “plus-de-jouir”. Should we therefore give up the joy of living and take refuge in moralism and austerity? Lacan, Heidegger and Marx, articulated together, allow us to say how a form of creative existence is still possible. Such freedom is the horizon of this book.
The author

Hervé Castanet, university professor, psychoanalyst, member of the school of the Freudian Cause. Luis de Miranda, 37, novelist, essayist, founder of the crealist movement.

122 pages | ISBN: 9782353410682