Let's talk about children of the country

Gaston Kelman

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Three teenagers, Mamadou, Mouloud and Michel, performed an act of bravery. To reward them, God asks them to make a wish: “Good God, they say mischievously, make that for one day, our politicians become young people from the suburbs. So the Good Lord becomes sad: - I can't do that to human beings. You are very barbarous, my children. It is well known, young people have neither respect nor a taste for effort. The well-to-do from the upmarket squanders his parents' fortune. The barbarian of the suburbs rackets and traffickers. As for the young man in Africa, he has only one goal: to cross the sea to reach the Western El Dorado. But all these rascals will make France and the global village of tomorrow. Should we remain deaf to their demands and head straight for a game of youth? Or, as Gaston Kelman suggests, put young people back at the heart of the nation's concerns? Because today, "whether we like it or not, the result of our action is the" Shameful Thirty ", with their "security horror", the exponential evolution of inequalities, poverty, support for regimes corrupt Africans, dominating paternalism backed by professionalized humanitarianism.” The author of I am black and I don't like cassava and Beyond Black and White continues his reflection here by revisiting the libertarian slogans of May 68. He paints a portrait of despoiled youth and provides solutions concrete, going, as for the children of the elite, from the obligation of the school uniform to the restoration of the military service.
The author

Gaston Kelman, was born in Cameroon 50 years ago. Holder of a bilingual degree from the University of Yaoundé, he continued part of his studies in Great Britain, then in France, obtaining a 3rd cycle in urban planning. He served for 10 years as director of the Observatory of the Syndicat d'Agglomeration Nouvelle of the city of Evry. He is now a consultant in an association that campaigns for the integration of black migrants.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782353410071