Dad, why are dads useless?

Eric Landroy

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Afterword by Delphine Bivona I have been fighting for 5 years to get more than one Saturday afternoon out of two with my son. My role as a father is denied. Kicked out of my house, lost in the separation proceedings, tossed from court to court, I was on the edge of the abyss. One day, I went to associations that could help me. There I discovered the sad banality of my situation. My story is repeated identically by thousands of other fathers: the egalitarian residence too often refused, the abusive Non-Representation of Children, the voluntary geographical remoteness so little sanctioned, all sometimes against a backdrop of odious accusations of domestic violence. This book is my crane to me. 1.5 million children no longer see their father. In case of conflict, their custody is mainly granted to the mother. Yet one out of two fathers is ready to invest fully in his role, but egalitarian shared residence is only granted in 14% of cases. These situations, which sometimes have a tragic outcome, are now increasingly contested by fathers. This sensitive and committed testimony opens the doors of their experiences to us; those of a differentiated treatment vis-à-vis mothers and a battle strewn with pitfalls to obtain the right to education for their children.
The author

Éric Landroy is a civil servant. He is currently a volunteer with an association of separated fathers. Delphine Bivona is a family law lawyer.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782315006311