Panic at the borders

Eric L'Helgoualc'h

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The recent landing of thousands of migrants has revived fears in Europe of a foreign invasion. In France and Italy, the governments are calling for the strengthening of controls inside and at the borders of the Schengen area. The European Union, an area of ​​free movement of people and the promotion of human rights, seems to be gradually being won over by growing hostility towards foreigners. What is the reality of the events taking place today on our borders? The author investigated for a year in the field, where he met officials, migrants, political leaders and community activists. He gives us a lively and enlightening account, the result of a frank exploration of this complex question. To understand, beyond fears.
The author

Éric L'Helgoualc'h, communication consultant, graduate in Community law, worked for a long time for, one of the main French information sites on European issues. He has also published columns for,,

320 pages | ISBN: 9782315002924