Drowned in alcohol

Virginia Hamonnais

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“I heard that for alcoholics like me, there were only four possible outcomes: prison, the mental hospital, death or abstinence. I didn't know the prison, but the police station and the drunk tank yes; the psychiatric hospital, I was there for a week, it was shocking; I came close to death several times. I have come a long way, very very far, but today I got out of it and I am totally abstinent. “ Drowned in alcohol is the rare story of a young woman who succeeded in everything, who gradually fell into alcohol and alcoholic madness. Drowned in vodka at the age of 35, Virginie Hamonnais lost custody of her child, led a life of wanderings and great suffering for 5 years. The author has now stopped drinking. She leads a fight against this strong addiction that affects many young women. This testimony brings a message of hope because it shows that it is possible to get out of it despite the taboo and the addiction that can affect each of us.
The author

Virginie Hamonnais, born in 1979 in Paris, director and production assistant, is currently looking for a job.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782315008988