Our common cause

Establish ourselves the political power that we lack

Étienne Chouard

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I am not a “citizen” (a citizen is autonomous, he votes his own laws), I am only a “voter”, a political child who undergoes the law voted by someone other than me. "The people, in a country which is not a democracy (and France cannot be), cannot speak, can only act through its representatives" (abbé Sieyès, 1789) Our representative system is an anti-democratic project , deliberate, willful, from the start, and the popular political impotence it locks down is the root cause of economic and social injustice. With the citizens' initiative referendum (RIC), the people take the first step in a constituent process. He himself writes the rules of representation. Constituent citizens, and soon the others, those who watch them and who judge that it is a good idea, are in the process of finding a common cause: to establish ourselves the political power that we lack. In a people who have become a constituent, and therefore vigilant, there is no longer any place for tyrants. Étienne Chouard, #CitizenConstituent, 2019
The author

Étienne Chouard is a professor of economics and law in Marseille. Based on popular education, he has created and leads constituent workshops, so that child voters can transform themselves into adult citizens.

128 pages | ISBN: 9782315008827