Our dreams no longer fit in the ballot box

In Praise of Participatory Democracy

Paul Ariès, René Balme

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Foreword by René Balme As the average age of voters is 53, and right-wing extremist parties are on the rise, it is time to point the finger at the democratic crisis and to question what is and should be democracy. Calling into question everything that distances citizens from politics, while recalling the need for representation, Paul Ariès defends the unsurpassable nature of participatory democracy. It identifies and analyzes all the attempts in this direction, showing us that the great challenge of our time is to allow everyone to take part, to bring their part and to receive their part. It encourages people to draw inspiration from the democratic forms already in place in certain cities and to invent new ones, in order to make politics from everyday life, to restore orality to its fundamental dimension, to encourage everyone to 'commitment. Through these observations and reflections, these are the conditions for a re-enchantment of politics that Paul Ariès proposes.
The author

Expert with the National Network of Participatory Cities, Paul Ariès is a political scientist, editor-in-chief of the monthly Les Z'indigné(e)s. He is one of the intellectuals of reference of the current of the Objection of loving growth of Good Living. René Balme, mayor of Grigny, is president of the National Network of Participatory Democracy.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315004867