school survival manual

Daniel Arnaud, Gérard Mathieu

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In an increasingly hostile school environment, the author gives, with great humor, advice to teachers, parents and children to study properly. Far from adopting a victim stance, Daniel Arnaud diverts the form of the survival guide to describe the means by which he was able to make himself heard and respected by the teenagers he teaches every day. Never close your eyes, resist repressive escalation, respect a scale of sanctions, make yourself accessible... so many rules and warnings that the author addresses to his colleagues and parents based on his experience and on many interviews he conducted.
The author

Daniel Arnaud teaches French and history-geography in middle school. He has published Latest News from the Front, Things Seen in a Drifting Educational System (L'Harmattan, 2008) and participates in the Republican Ideas blog on the website. Gérard Mathieu has long been the cult illustrator of L'Étudiant. Today, he works for Alternatives Economiques, among others.

208 pages | ISBN: 9782315004751