Manual of resistance against the police tax

How to dispute your tickets

Philippe Vénère

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Your licence, do you prefer it with points or rare? Verbalize more to earn more: today, in France, 40 million traffic violations are recorded each year. A rising number. Not because motorists are less civic. But because behind the scenes of the prefectures, the watchword is now: to increase the number. Each year, we would even set quotas for police officers to meet. More and more officers are in charge of tickets, fewer and fewer are providing security. PV, a lucrative business, an industry with its networks and its abuses. Revolting? What citizens do not know is that they can systematically challenge their fines: the second part of the book gives very specific advice, on a case-by-case basis, to effectively challenge abusive violations. You will know everything about traffic lights, parking spaces, the pound, the telephone while driving, refusal of priority and penalty points...
The author

Former head of the first division of the judicial police in Paris, and professor at the University of Paris-VIII, Philippe Vénère was an officer of the public prosecutor's office from 1992 to 1996. For four years, he handled complaints from drivers on a daily basis.

256 pages | ISBN: 9782353410705