Handbook of Resisting Bailiffs

Gilles Chiaro

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“Our compatriots love firefighters and hate bailiffs. With this book, they will know why they hate the latter. There are 3,300 bailiffs in France who, together, receive more than 300 million euros per year in an unjustified, even illegal way: overbilling, useless or null acts, the profession is ready to do anything to enrich itself in defiance of all ethics , which is nevertheless the basis of his profession. A bailiff's clerk for 18 years, Gilles Chiaro denounces their practices, the monopoly and the protection they enjoy. This veritable manual of resistance gives everyone the answers to all the situations they may find themselves confronted with: what is the cost of an act? What acts can be requested or challenged? What objects does the bailiff have the right to seize? What are the legal means to resist proceedings against us? A necessary tool to challenge a profession that is not ready to let go of its prerogatives.
The author

Holder of a master's degree in law, Gilles Chiaro followed the course of the National School of Procedure and the two-year training of trainee judicial officers. As a cleric, he experienced three different studies from the inside.

176 pages | ISBN: 9782315006212