Manifesto against notaries

Lobby, corruption, nepotism, monopoly, conflicts of interest

No/Silence collective

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The notariat, a veritable oligopoly, has gradually become not a state within a state but a state above the state. Today, notaries operate a veritable diversion of the status of public officer for purely mercantile purposes. There is a golden triangle linking the Latin notariat, politicians and the State. In return for the services rendered to the political class, the State, which has renounced control of the notarial profession but provides it with unfailing protection, thereby makes all abuses possible. This manifesto examines all the facets of the profession and reveals how the presence of the Latin notariat in a country is a powerful vector for its corruption. Only the maintenance of its privileges, inherited from another time, offers the notary the possibility of earning 20,000 euros per month on average to the detriment of respect for the rules of law, of their clients and more generally of the community. From the notarial profession, it is now more than urgent to remove the status and regain the service.
The author

The Non/Taire collective, made up of lawyers from all walks of life and in particular notary graduates, delivers through its spokespersons, Vincent Le Coq, academic, and Laurent Lèguevaque, former examining magistrate, an uncompromising look at the practice French notary.

288 pages | ISBN: 9782315001460