Madame Piffaut

The Mysterious Life of the Queen of Tricksters

Pierre Maraval

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“The queen of false invoices” JDD “The incredible story of the owner of William Saurin” Le Figaro “The Calamity Jane of the food industry” Sud Ouest Who was Monique Piffaut? Business leader brewing billions, a little woman with an ungrateful physique, she spent her life conning bankers to build one of the first fortunes in France. His disappearance in 2016, after three quarters of a century of lies, leaves a dizzying legacy of mystery. She only allowed a few photos and never spoke to reporters. This woman hid behind a legend that she created from scratch. Its origins and most of the stages of its journey are so secret that no investigation can account for such a strange life. Was she an extraordinary actress, a sociopath, a business genius, a bank robber? Based on the rare testimonies of those who knew her intimately, Pierre Maraval romanticized her life as she herself always did. From childhood to death, enter the mind of Monique Piffaut to discover her extraordinary saga.
The author

Pierre Maraval is an eclectic artist: a renowned visual artist, he is also a film director and author of four novels: Main basse sur l'Élysée, Go Fast, Le Président est mort and Insurrection, published by Hugo & Cie.

288 pages | ISBN: 9782315008964