Madam or Miss?

Laurence Waki

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Everything you need to know about the use of the word “mademoiselle” The distinction “madam or miss” is illegal. And yet administrations and companies continue to impose it. Laurence Waki ​​questions this use, for its sexist nature, since there is no double designation for men. This lively pamphlet, accompanied by an investigation into the origin of the word "mademoiselle", draws up an inventory of subjects such as marriage, the pill, celibacy, sexuality, homosexuality, education... seen under the angle of this deceptively innocuous distinction. The use of mademoiselle thus becomes the symbol of a society that does not yet recognize equality between men and women.
The author

Laurence Waki ​​works in the cinema. She recently obtained from all the administrations and companies, to always place the civility "Madam" in her correspondence.

160 pages | ISBN: 9782914388979