Mad in USA

The ravages of the American model

Michel Desmurget

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In America, liberalism is a source of prosperity for the greatest number? Fake. In America, "everything is possible" for those who work hard? Fake. In America, the unemployment rate is derisory? Fake. In America, indigence is relative and the poor live “like modest Europeans”? Fake. In America, the excluded from the health system receive free care when they really need it? False and arch-false. Of all the developed countries, America has the highest levels of poverty, infant mortality and inequality. Millions of children are denied even the right to a decent education, and imposed advertising during lessons. Millions of people work full-time (or more) for wages below the poverty line. Millions of employees, who can be dismissed without notice, are deprived of paid leave, health insurance, retirement plans and unemployment coverage. Women give birth and return to work the next day because they do not have access to paid maternity leave. Retirees are forced to resell, to survive, empty Coca-Cola cans, picked up in garbage cans. The incarceration rate of the most disadvantaged is such that it skews even the unemployment figures… However, many European politicians continue to set up the “American model” as a saving reference. How much longer will we have to endure such a fable? This black book unveils all the numbers and scandals that make up America today. Dozens of testimonies make it a breathtaking investigation.
The author

Michel Desmurget is a researcher at INSERM. He lived, studied and worked for eight years in the United States.

288 pages | ISBN: 9782353410378