My family first

Itinerary of homeless parents with their three children

Julien Luxcey

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“It was a real descent into hell that we experienced with my wife and our three wonderful children, between 2012 and 2019. Here are some figures that will speak for themselves: 700 nights in small hotel rooms; more than 800 days of begging; nearly 500,000 people solicited! And, you know, I'm still actively begging. Never sat. I go up to people, I call them eye to eye to get their attention and ask them for help. All this with a single and unique obsession pegged to the body: save my family above all! This book is the poignant story of a family who fell into precariousness, then into begging. In this unpublished testimony, Julien Luxcey tells us about their road trip, their life in a car, begging with a baby in their arms, wandering through France to find accommodation, the placement of children and, finally, the hard road to return to a normal life.
The author

Julien Luxcey is now a restaurant owner in Paris and lives with his small family in the suburbs of Paris.

192 pages | ISBN: 9782315009510