Get up and walk !

Thanks to science

Adrian Bocquet

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Former commando rifleman, Adrien Bocquet, victim of a serious accident, finds himself paraplegic at the age of 21. Prisoner of his body and his pain, he thinks of death as the only way out, until the day he crosses paths with a professor who speaks to him for the first time about neuroscience. Adrien Bocquet thus becomes the first Frenchman to have been triple implanted with spinal neurostimulators, which allow him to no longer suffer and recover the use of his legs and arms. Adrien is walking again. He knows, however, that by being the first, he serves as a guinea pig for science and that his life is on borrowed time.
In this poignant story, he tells us about his fight for his survival, his aspirations for "a normal life", with in sight his daughter Léna, his true driving force, and his wife Manon, who commands admiration for her unfailing love. A life lesson for all.
The author

Originally from Lille, Adrien Bocquet founded the Handjeuns association in 2018 to help the physically disabled and shed light on the invisible disability.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782315010134