Andtrasta's spells

Pierre Forni

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Rome, 3rd century. Lavish celebration of the Secular Games. Jason, a young African, drunk with vengeance, enters the sovereign city. The object of his hatred is nothing less than the one already nicknamed, the fourth emperor, Plautianus, corrupt minister, the most powerful character of the Empire. Like that of the legendary hero, this vengeful quest is punctuated with ordeals which lead the reader, following Jason, into a cruel and fascinating world, from the posh brothels of Rome to the sordid backyards of a factory of eunuchs. In the meanders of his tormented soul, singular figures glide like dreams or nightmares: Bulla Félix, the beloved brigand, his mentor Pithéas, Stoic esthete, lover of handsome boys, Saturninus, the Machiavellian chief of the secret police. .and Tara the magician who makes her heart capsize and, for the first time, the idea of ​​happiness emerges. But Rome is wilder than rough Colchis. She destroys her plans and dreams, and sweeps her friends away in a wave of violence and death. Suicidal and desperate, he seeks his salvation in war. He follows the imperial army to the ends of the earth, from the island of Brittany to Hadrian's Wall. Beyond lies another universe populated by druids, epic poets and fierce warriors where the keys to his destiny may be buried. Tara's native land: Andrasta and his spells!
The author

Pierre Forni was born on August 25, 1949 in Paris. After his schooling, he enrolled in August 1968 at the University of Vincennes. Holder of a degree in history, a master's degree in ancient history on "Les cults à Cherchell" (with Professor Monique Clavel Levêque) and a 3rd cycle doctorate on "Les bronzes antiques de Paris"( under the direction of Professor Paul Marie Duval), he took part in archaeological excavation sites: Merovingian cemetery in Marolles en Brie, Forum de Chartres, Notre Dame site, Innocents cemetery... In 1973, he was recruited by the Department of Excavations and Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture then, in September 1980, by the National Center of Cinematography. In 1981, he created with fellow historians and archaeologists and comic strip specialists the association, "Clovis", which aims to promote history and comic strips. In ten years, the "Clovis" association has produced a dozen exhibitions such as "Métrovingiens" at the Châtelet les Halles station, "Ave Alix" on the work of Jacques Martin at the Sorbonne, "Bourgeon à la Hune" and " Bilal" which are presented as part of the Angoulême comic strip festival. At the same time, he contributes to history magazines (Archéologia, Historama), comic strips (Vécu, A continue) and cinema (La revue du cinéma, Lumière), contributes to exhibition catalogs ("Paris Antique, Paris Merovingien, La montagne Sainte Geneviève) and wrote about fifteen books for young people: The private life of men "At the time of the barbarian kingdoms" Editions Hachette, "Being a Child in Rome", Editions Casterman, "Les druides", Editions Ouest France… Inspector and creative advisor to the Ministry of Culture and Communication since September 2003, he is in charge of educating young people in cinema and audiovisual. Pierre Forni has published two novels “Moi Alexandre with Editions Casterman” and “Les sortilèges d'Andrasta” with Editions Max Milo. With Les Sortilèges d'Andrasta, he tries his hand at the historical novel for the first time and this is his second foray into romantic Antiquity.

240 pages | ISBN: 9782914388139