The silences scream

Fanny German, Philippe Pascot

19,90 €
Preface by Olivier Marchal

"One day, during one of those redundant family meals, you must have experienced that awkward silence, carried by the hypocrisy of the looks that the protagonists exchange, that meaningful silence maintained by those uncles and aunts who look at each other and know what we are talking about without ever saying it or acknowledging it. These silent seconds always end in the outline of a contrite smile and lowered eyes, while your heart is heavy with the weight of bitterness and injustice. »

Fanny Allemand tells the story of her family through the lowlands of Marseille, between prostitution, human trafficking and the disappearance of close friends. In a removed style, without filter and worthy of the best thrillers, the author makes family silences scream until dizzying. This simple and fictionalized testimony also touches on the absolute taboo, that of female incest, the common and unconscious thread of this text, which makes reading unbreathable.
The author

Fanny Allemand, painter, is president of the association Bohème Action, which works for children in social difficulty.

160 pages | ISBN: 9782315010240