Politics put on the Net: the adventure of the poliTIC'Show

Nicolas Voisin, Estelle Véronis

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“A reference of the French political and citizen blog.” Le Monde "One of the main midwives of presidential candidates." Le Journal du Dimanche "The PoliTIC'Show could well blow up the countryside." Sud-Ouest “An exciting blog.” Le Nouvel Observateur Created in the spring of 2006 by Nicolas Voisin and Julien Villacampa, the PoliTIC'Show site attracts thousands of Internet users every day and appeals to all the media. The idea was simple and daring: to attack the staffs and interview without language of wood or time limit these men and women who are candidates for the highest function (or who have a dream time of being one ). François Bayrou, Jean-Marie Le Pen, José Bové, Nicolas Hulot, Clémentine Autain, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan or Dominique Voynet, in particular, played the game, delivering personal and surprising interviews. More on: www.politicshow.net
The author

Estelle and Jean Véronis are respectively lecturer and professor at the University of Provence. They are specialists in language and new technologies. Nicolas Voisin is a blog reporter. Passionate about journalism and politics, he created the webTV PoliTIC'Show, and initiated Le Monde Citoyen. He participates in the Freemen network and writes daily on Nuesblog.

224 pages | ISBN: 9782353410103