The blue mountains

Philippe Vidal

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Fenwick gazed for a moment at the slave lying on the ground. Why did Christian have to hear this conversation? His existence was privileged: many whites would have exchanged places with his, and now his stupid curiosity came to call everything into question! Fenwick had not considered that the procession of measures could affect his servant. But now… Jamaica, 1700. Because he discovers the Machiavellian plan of his masters to save the sugar cane plantations and eliminate slaves, Christian must flee. He will find refuge in the Blue Mountains, with the maroon niggers, who have broken their irons. Nourished by the Ancient Greeks and Latins, he will apply democracy and military strategies in the war against the white owners. With the hope that all men will one day be free and equal. A masterful epic on an unknown historical background.
The author

Philippe Vidal is a writer, director, film producer and screenwriter. Passionate about history, he is the author of books devoted to Rasputin and Molière. Pascal Légitimus is an actor and director, member of the trio Les Inconnus.

432 pages | ISBN: 9782315004997