The Mines of Sodom

Three Biblical Tales

Lo Duca

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Three disturbing biblical stories His masterpiece, The Secret Journal of Napoleon Bonaparte, earned him, in addition to public success, the homage of André Breton, who attributed to Lo Duca the invention of history-fiction. We find the provocative genius and the scintillating erudition of Lo Duca in these three biblical stories, The Mines of Sodom, Brother Jacques and The Judgment. All three fascinating, disturbing, lush with images and smells: we believe we are witnessing three films on the screen of the world. Three texts carved in stone with a sharp tongue. "The prodigious culture of a writer who multiplies the allusions, the games of words and meaning, the references to history, to the Scriptures, but also to current events. The sparing, spare writing, develops an ingenious labyrinth where the Humor and poetry nourish strong images and essential reflections". Jean-Philippe Mestre. Progress.
The author

Lo Duca was born in Milan in 1911. At the age of 16, he wrote his first book, The Platinum Sphere, launched by Marinetti, the father of futurism. In France, it will be prefaced by Marcel Griaule and is four years ahead of Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, to which it has often been compared. From the 1930s, Lo Duca only wrote in French. He first became known for his writings on art: Giorgio de Chirico, Rousseau Le Douanier, Eros im Bild (prefaced by George Bataille); and later by his studies on cinema (History of Cinema which will be translated into twelve languages), on the art of comic strips (Manuel des confesseurs and Krafft-Ebing) and on erotology (L'Erotisme au cinema - 1945, The History of Eroticism - 1968 -, Dictionary of sexology - 1972 -). All in all, a resolutely marginal work, which uniquely combines erudition, eroticism and imagination. If only one had to be selected, his admirers, André Breton, Jean Cocteau, Jean Dutourd, Marcel Pagnol, George Bataille..., would shout with one voice: The Secret Journal of Napoleon Bonaparte, edited by JJ Pauvert in 1948, then republished by Editions Phébus in 1997. Bibliography La Sphère de Platine (1927), Giorgio de Chirico, Rousseau Le Douanier, Eros im Bild (1930s); History of Cinema (1942), Manual of confessors and Krafft-Ebing, Eroticism in the cinema (1945), The Secret Journal of Napoleon Bonaparte (1948), The History of Eroticism (1968), Dictionary of sexology (1972 ), and The Mines of Sodom (2001).

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