The frauds of equality

Paul-François Paoli

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"This book is serious. What is at stake is nothing less than the future of civilization in the face of the onslaught of a new barbarism". Jean Sévilla, Le Figaro Magazine "In a brilliant pamphlet, nourished by a solid culture, often with a density that requires the reader to make that effort of intelligence for which egalitarianism, especially at school, prepares him less and less, Paul François Paoli launches the debate with as much brilliance as talent". Jean-Philippe Mestre, Le Progrès Can we really debate ideas in France? Do we have the right to analyze the sacrosanct principle of equality, or even the hackneyed notion of “human dignity”, which we too often use without knowing what it covers? The controversy provoked by Daniel Lindenberg's book on the new reactionaries, Call to Order, demonstrates that political correctness still reigns over people's minds and poses barriers to the confrontation of points of view, which is much freer in Anglo-Saxon countries. saxons. Why refuse the reintroduction of selection and merit in education, when the current school mainly produces illiteracy, violence and boredom? How is it that there is such a great imbalance between the publicity that some intellectuals enjoy in the media, and the silence that veils the work of philosophers, sociologists and historians, whose works are tacitly buried? We feel the effects of free trade in all areas except where it is obviously needed: ideas. Political correctness is in bad shape let's apply Nietzsche's famous advice to it: "What has fallen, we must not prevent it from dying, but on the contrary help it to disappear"
The author

Paul François Paoli, 42, a journalist by training, a columnist in particular for Le Figaro littéraire, is the noted author of How can we be right-wing (Albin Michel) and Impostures of equality (Max Milo).

96 pages | ISBN: 9782914388382